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Hi, I'm Kevin. I am a software engineer based out of San Francisco.

Kevin Lin

Kevin Lin
I'm currently a software engineer on the Storage and Caching team at Pinterest. We work on building high performance, large-scale distributed storage and serving systems. My present interests are in distributed systems and infrastructure to support service mesh architectures.
I was previously a frontend engineer and worked extensively with React and Node. I've been in roles ranging from building experiences for the web to creating developer-facing frontend platform tools.
I'm very passionate about self-hosting. I run a (small) cluster of personal servers in an effort to reduce my reliance on some externally hosted services like GMail, Github, AWS, my ISP's DNS servers, and many others.
Outside of computers, I enjoy exploring SF and trying new places for food. Burritos are probably my favorite.
I was previously an engineer at Stripe, Uber, and Yelp (in that order). I hold degrees in electrical engineering and computer science.
The views and opinions expressed on this blog are my own and do not reflect those of my employer.
Kevin Lin