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Introducing Modern Paste: a Contemporary, Open-Source Pastebin Alternative

I'm excited to launch Modern Paste, a contemporary, feature-rich, and most importantly, open-source Pastebin alternative. Modern Paste is intended for system administrators with Apache servers who wish to self-host their own private installation of a code/text Pastebin. Modern Paste is flexible and highly configurable--it's suitable as both a large-scale, public-facing service and a minimal code-sharing frontend for a private installation.


Live demo

Live demo - production build (stable)
Live demo - dev build (latest features)


  • Modern user interface with a consistent design language
  • Syntax highlighting for all languages supported by CodeMirror
  • Ability to set paste expiration dates
  • Ability to password-protect pastes
  • Full user account functionality
    • Associate new pastes with a user account
    • View, modify, or delete pastes posted with a user account
    • Directly query the Modern Paste API with the account's API key/authtoken
  • Public archive of pastes, sorted reverse chronologically or by popularity
  • RESTful API for externally creating, reading, and managing pastes
  • Ability to enforce security restrictions: can configure that only authenticated users can post pastes (ideal for private, non-public-facing installations)
  • Ability to encrypt the front-facing-display of paste IDs (e.g. so that /paste/1 might display as /paste/9~AEygplxfCPHW4eJctbjMnRi-rYnlYzizqToCmG3BY=)


Browse the full repository on GitHub

Download the latest stable release
Download the latest dev release

Please consult the full installation instructions to deploy Modern Paste on your server. In summary, you'll need to:

  1. Clone the source and install necessary dependencies (this is scripted via the Makefile)
  2. Set up the MySQL database and user
  3. Customize the configuration file
  4. Build the app (initializes the database and compiles static CSS and JS files)
  5. Add an Apache virtual host entry


Paste post

Paste view



Add paste password

Paste deactivate